Fruits and Veggies for Dog

Dog is a friendly smart animal, which is always considered as a friend and a member in each family. Therefore, a good scientific diet for dog is also a common attention of many owners. Besides having a lot of favorite food in dog’s diet, the owners should consider adding more fruit and vegetable to their meals because fruit and veggies make a tasty treat for dogs.

As you know, dog is an animal who lives near humans, so that they can eat most types of food which humans eat. But not all food is good and safe for dog, you know? In particular, there are fruits and vegetables. Maybe people think that fruit and veggies are fresh and healthy for their health but actually, it is completely suitable to dogs. This is because dog has a different digestion from humans. Thus, eating wrong food can lead to serious problems for their health in a long time, even death. Let take a look carefully at the following list to find out which types of fruits and veggies are fine for your darling friend.

Human foods cats can eat

Nowadays, we are familiar with raising pets in our house and consider them as our family members. We take care of them carefully all about their life such as the foods, the drinks, and the places they sleep or play. However, there are some cases that our pets, especially the cats get diseases that we cannot know the causes, which makes them really uncomfortable and weak.

How to make a pet-friendly garden?

For many people, raising a pet is not only a relaxing activity but they consider it as their family member. However, there are not few situations that they feel very tired because the pets are too mischievous and difficult to control. The reason is that they feel too bored because there is nothing for them to play so they make themselves become more dynamic. Therefore, making a garden which is friendly to the pets is a great solution for this problem.


So, there’s a mystery that needs to be solved. Can you figure out who could have eaten this lipstick? This dog was interviewed and claims innocence. What do you all think?


I’m sure their human was wondering how the puppies kept getting back inside. Now this is what you call teamwork!

List idea christmas gifts for Parents that will make them happier than ever

Parents are one of the most important persons in the world. As children, you want to get the best gift for parents especially this coming Christmas. It is a time of the year where you can show your parents how much you love them through giving gifts. Be a Santa this Christmas to your parents and make them happy like children again.

List of animals can be hunted in the USA

You are a hunting lover and own the hunting rifle, and also want to get a big victory in hunting? However, you may not know which animals you can hunt or not, which makes you confuse and worry? Actually, before going hunting, there are a lot of things you need to know in order to make sure that you will not break the law as well as do the wrong things. Here is the list of animals that can be hunted legally, which can help you know the laws clearly so that you can be confident when hunting.


Can you figure out which cat is the bully? He’s just sitting there like…

“I have no idea where Spike went, sorry…”


“Oh no, I’ve put on weight!”


These two are partners in crime. The poor owner was wondering where all her pasta was getting to….I think she knows now.

This is the cutest duo.

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