These have to be the best pet costumes I have ever seen. These two dogs look as dapper as can be, dressed up as Harry and Lloyd from the movie Dumb and Dumber. These dog costumes are a complete win.dogs-dressed-as-dumb-and-dumber

Five minutes ago these kittens were chasing a laser. Now they’re in kitty dreamland.

Laser pointers are an excellent way to exercise your cat or kitten. If you don’t have a laser pointer already, you should invest in one because it’s an easy and fun way to keep your cat at a healthy weight and your cat will love it.kittens-tried-from-chasing-laser

This cute little baby elephant has had enough of chasing this dog so he decided to throw a fit. It may be the cutest fit you will ever see, might I add. I love how all these elephants are in open space and not caged in.


Let us look at this from the cat’s perspective.
“That big stinky thing is sleeping on my bed! I’m going to try and wake it up. Ah, whatever, I’ll just sleep here.”cat-tries-to-wake-up-sleeping-dog

A cat owner decided to build a new cat door for his kitty. As you will see in this video, this cat is way too elegant to use the cat door. This is a good example of cats never wanting to use what their humans give them. Nonetheless, this is a total cat door

Munchkin cats are a breed of cats that are known for having very short legs. Their short legs are caused by a genetic mutation. As you can see in these gifs,  despite having shorter legs than the average cat, Munchkin cats are very energetic and kitten-munchkin-scurry kitten-waiting-for-toy munchkin-cat munchkin-cat-attacks-toes munchkin-kitten-walking-toward-human playing-with-toys siamese-munchkintiny-legs tiny-kitten