Bunny And An Imposter

Bunny: “Quit laughing, he looks nothing like me.”


A bunny and a bunny pumpkin


A Hedgehog Shark

Did you know…
Most sharks that you see in the wild are actually Hedgehogs dressed as sharks.



A Rare Hedgehog Shark


A tiny hedgehog shark


Adorable Puppy To Brighten Your Day

Here is a fluffy and cuddly ball of cuteness to brighten your day.
Cute puppy
Adorable Puppy




Turtle Busts A Move While In The Shower

Have you ever been so happy about showering that you started doing a wiggle dance? This turtle has. It appears that he absolutely LOVES bath time.

I think some of our latest pop starts should take a lesson.


Happy turtle does a wiggle dance in the shower


How To Pet A Cat

“Hey PSST, human, pet me like this.”


Hey, human, pet me like this.


Adorable Pug In A Tub

“But, but, I don’t wanna has a bath. :(


Adorable Pug


10 Puppies Hangin’ Out In Mailboxes

Pup-mail is the best kind of mail. It’s the only mail that gives you kisses and does tricks for you!


Puppy in mailbox

A Cart Full Of Cuteness

“Mom, we want these!”
“Mom, turn around, I just saw a bone I want”
“Mom, my brother is biting my leg again”
“Mom, I gotta go pee”


Cart full of French Bulldog Puppies!


Thor The Hedgehog

Honestly, this may be the cutest Thor you will see this Halloween. Look at that tiny little cape!


Hedgehog dressed as Thor


Wiener Dog Swimming In Mid Air

Should we tell him he’s not in water anymore?
Nah, this is too cute.


Wiener Dog Swimming In Air


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