Dog And Boy Show What Teamwork Is

This is pure teamwork. This dog is returning the favor and quite literally demonstrates the “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back” motto.


Dog scratches boys back.


Kitten Comforts Sick Puppy

Zeke the puppy got sick with an allergic reaction to a certain type of grass. The Vet gave him medication and said he needed to rest. When he got home he was cared for by his loving kitten brother, Winston.

When cats purr it vibrates at a frequency that promotes bone health and aids in healing. So Winston is probably trying to purr him better.


Adorable Cat comforts a sick dog


Cat comforting a sick dog


Kitten comforts dog


Cats Stealing Dogs’ Beds

Everyone knows Cats rule the internet. Everywhere you look you can find videos of cats being well, “Cats”. This specific video of Cats stealing Dogs’ beds may be more proof that we are simply living in a Cat’s world.

The amount of concern given by the Cats in this video is hilarious. Not to mention the patient dogs just going with the flow. Some try to fight back but it really cracks me up how the dogs almost know they can’t really do anything because well it’s a – Cat.


Adorable - Cats Stealing Dogs' Beds


Bull The Chimera Dog

Meet Bull the dog. He has a rare genetic mutation know as Chimera. Chimera is when an animal is genetically made of two different animals.
Bull is believed to be Black Lab and Yellow Lab.

Bull has blown up in the media because he is such a rare case and also because the result of his Chimera is utterly adorable.


Adorable Chimera Dog


Adorable Pitbull Puppy Loses His Voice

This adorable little Pitbull puppy seems to have barked too much because he has lost his voice!
Pro tip: To hear the volume on the vine, hover over the video and click the sound icon in the bottom right.


Adorable Pitbull loses his voice


So, Weasels Are Very Cute Animals…

Often times when we hear the word “Weasel” we think of something bad. Which is very, very unfortunate considering Weasels are actually really cute, innocent animals that simply hunt mice and other small mammals.

I mean look at how cute Weasels are…


Weasels are cute


Tiny white weasel


Weasels are adorable


Tiny little baby weasel


Dog Copies Owner And Blows Bubbles

Dogs are amazing pets.

It always makes me smile when you see a dog copy their owner.
Often times when your dog is in tune with you, they will mimic alot of things you do on a daily basis. Like this…


Dog copies owner and blows bubbles


Dog Wears Ear Muffs At The Groomers

This is the only way this adorable dog will go to the groomers – with ear muffs!


Adorable dog wears ear muffs at the groomers


Cute Corgi Runs From His Reflection

Some dogs freakout when they see their reflection. Some dogs try to attack the dog looking back at them in the mirror.

This Corgi, he prefers to run away from his reflection as fast as he can.


Cute Corgi Is Scared Of His Reflection


Dogs Don’t Always Make Good Pillows

I had to share this with everyone. I laughed way too hard at this.

Her face is priceless.

Conclusion: Dogs shouldn’t be your first choice when considering a pillow.


So, dog don't make good pillows...


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