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How to make a pet-friendly garden?

Dog and cat playing together

For many people, raising a pet is not only a relaxing activity but they consider it as their family member. However, there are not few situations that they feel very tired because the pets are too mischievous and difficult to control. The reason is that they feel too bored because there is nothing for them to play so they make themselves become more dynamic. Therefore, making a garden which is friendly to the pets is a great solution for this problem.

  1. Make a fence


We all know that most of the pets are very active and hard to control their actions. Therefore, to make sure that they are always at home, you should make a fence around your garden to keep them inside. From that, they can play freely in the garden and do whatever they want without wanting to go out.

  1. Make paths

Like people, the pets always want to act, move, run and rarely lie peacefully at a place for a long time. Thus, for the convenience of the pets, you should make some small paths which are friendly with their legs. The pets, especially the dogs and cats always want to play with their owners in the gardens so you should spend time playing with them as much as possible. This also makes your pets stronger and healthier.

  1. Give your pets a job

The dogs and cats always love running and playing actively but they are often “unemployed” because there are no ones or nothing to play with them if the owners are too busy. Because of nothing to do, they have to think the ways to entertain themselves. They can bark or meow very noisily, or bite the shoes, dig up the trashcans, eat the plants, break the kitchen scraps from compost bin or scratch the furniture in the house.


Therefore, you should give them a “job” or a “responsibility” to make them become busy and forget their naughtiness. For example, you can train them to patrol around the garden every day. This will make them really excited about their job.

  1. Plant trees in the garden

You should do this work before you let your pets be in the garden because they can damage the new trees with their mischievousness. The trees can make the shadows for the pets to play. Moreover, the smaller trees also can be the “toys” which are not dangerous for the pets. The grasses can be the great carpet for the pets to play and lie on. The pets will surely very happier when they can play comfortably in the natural environment.

  1. Keep the garden clean

Cleaning your garden is an indispensable duty the owners have to take to make sure that your pets always are healthy and strong. If not, the pets can get the diseases easily because of the bacteria in their living environment. Moreover, letting the things in the confusion will be an invitation for them to destroy everything. Thus, you always have to remember to keep your garden clear and tidy.

In conclusion, to help our pets grow strongly and healthily, we have to make a friendly garden for them. It not only creates a comfortable living and playing space for the pets but also makes your house fresher and more beautiful.

Author Bio: Ann Pierce is working as Freelancer writer from last 4 years and these days she is doing a research on composting and working as part time blogger at

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