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Human foods cats can eat

Nowadays, we are familiar with raising pets in our house and consider them as our family members. We take care of them carefully all about their life such as the foods, the drinks, and the places they sleep or play. However, there are some cases that our pets, especially the cats get diseases that we cannot know the causes, which makes them really uncomfortable and weak.


This may be caused by their eating habits we cannot control or accidentally we feed them the wrong things. Therefore, in this post, I will introduce some of the human’s foods that cats can eat so that we can feed them without any mistakes.

  1. Meat

Cats are the carnivores, thus they need more protein in the meat to have a strong heart, keen eyes, and a healthy circulatory system. The cooked beef or chicken is the wonderful food which brings this to your cats. You have to remember not to let your cats eat the raw meat. If you do that, your cats can get diseases easily. Nevertheless, if you do not eat meat, you do not need to feed your cats with it.

  1. Cereals

The oats contain a lot of protein and are also very easy to cook. Besides, there are many cats which like to eat corns or corn porridge. You can also try to feed them with brown rice, barley or wheat but you have to mix them first. Cats often love to eat the small grains like millets, too. You must remember to cook the cereals carefully so that the cats’ digestive system can work the best.

  1. Fish

In the fish, there is plenty of fatty acids omega-3, which makes the cats’ eyes always sharp and keen. The canned fish or the cooked can both be used to feed the cats, but you should not feed them with sushi.

  1. Egg

Eggs are also a significant source of protein for your cats, thus you should add them to the meals of the cats. However, you should also remember to cook them carefully before feed your cats. It is because similar to the raw fish or meat, the raw eggs are also very harmful to your cats.

  1. Vegetables

There are not many cats which like to eat the vegetables, even fewer cats like to eat the fruit (for they cannot feel the sweetness). But they are plentiful sources of vitamins, and of course, the cats need to add water and fiber from the vegetable to support their digestion. You can feed them with the cucumber, cantaloupe, broccoli, steamed asparagus or mashed potatoes.

  1. Cheese

Cheese can contain a lot of protein just in a small volume but it is not “perfect” like one in the meat, fish, and eggs. In return, the cheese includes lots of calcium which is good for the development of the cats’ bones and fur.

In addition, there are some foods that you should not feed your cats because they are very harmful to the cats such as chocolate, grapes, raisins, onion, garlic, the hard nuts, raw ferment, and alcoholic beverages.

In conclusion, raising a cat in your house is not a difficult thing to do. Nonetheless, to take care of it well, you have to pay much attention to their living and eating to make sure that they are always healthy and happy.

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