1) A Pup-rito.a-pup-rito

2) A very brave puppy.brave-puppy

3) “Get the camera outta ma’ face.”camera-attack

4) One confused puppy.confused-puppy

5) *Ding* “Another treat please!”dings-bell-for-a-treat

6) The day he discovered water…discovering-water

7) “I love you dad.”i-love-you-dad

8) 3 puppies VS. cabbage.puppies-vs-cabbage

9) “Get outta my way, I’m HUNGRY!”puppy-down-puppy-down

10) When trying to fight back goes wrong.puppy-falls-back

11) “He just farted in my face!”puppy-fart

12) Epic puppy high-five.puppy-high-five

13) “Back off bucko, this is all mine!”puppy-protects-food

14) Just a tiny puppy shopping with a tiny cart.puppy-pushing-shopping-cart

15) The strut.puppy-scurry

16) Puppy sits on a kitties head.puppy-sits-on-cats-head

17) Puppy tries to reclaim his bed.puppy-stealing-back-its-bed

18) Hasn’t mastered the whole balance thing.puppy-tips-over

19) Puppy VS. water bottle.puppy-vs-waterbottle

20) Denied.rejected-puppy

21) Getting out of bed after a long nap.rolling-out-of-bed

22) After a long day of eating and being cute.sleepy-puppy

23) “C’mon, 5 more minutes!” sleepy-puppy2

24) But this way is more fun!slides-down-stairs

Incase you didn’t already know…calf’s are absolutely adorable. This calf however, takes adorable to a whole new level by wearing a human’s sweater like a tiny little snuggle bug.


1)Two sleepy kittens.two-tired-kittens

2)Epic battle of kitties.two-kittens-fighting

3)Just give me 5 minutes, mom.sleepy-kitten

4)Kitten VS. robotic dog.kitten-vs-robotic-dog

5)Hypnotized by mama’s tail.kitten-hypnotized-by-cats-tail

6)Kitten snuggles her favorite toy.kitten-hugs-her-toy

7)Dinners ready!kitten-feeding-time

8)Kitten conductor.kitten-conductor

9)Annoying mama.kitten-attacking-it's-mom

10)”Hey, that’s my foods..oh wow, you’re fluffy!”get-away-from-my-food-wait-youre-really-fluffy

11)”Dad, catch me!”flying-kitten

12)Sibling love…fighting-kitten

13)Fierce kitten scares off

14)”HALP, I’m stuck in your shoe human!”caught-by-a-shoe

15)Kitten and puppy “getting along”.cat-and-puppy-bite-eachother

16) “Okay..okay, OKAY!”adorable-kitten-afraid-of-bird