Dog Is Afraid To Go Through Doorways

When you’re a dog the world can seem intimidating.

With scary things in life like vacuums, brooms, the mailman and apparently doorways, the fears are always there, it’s just a matter of how a dog overcomes the fear.

In the specific case, this dog’s solution to his doorway fear is absolutely adorable.




Puppies Vs Stairs

Here are a bunch of puppies trying to use stairs. The keyword here is “trying”…



Cute Otter Fact

Did you know…

Otters are born with a flap of skin that resembles a pocket and they will typically store their favorite rock in the “pocket”.

The reason is because they use rocks to break open mollusks so they can eat them. Some Otters will even go their entire lives carrying the same rock!




Rottweiler Puppies To Dogs – Before And After

I think it’s pretty clear that they look meaner as puppies.¬† :)






Otters Shake Hands

Today I learned there is a Marine Park in Japan that allows people to shake Otter’s hands.

That is the cutest thing ever!

Otters will shake your hands


Cat Kissing Booth

Only 25 cents? That’s totally worth it for a kitty kiss, count me in.




A Dog Shrinking Machine

What a cute idea!
The way the puppy runs out of the “dog shrinking machine” is utterly adorable.


A dog shirnkning machine


Black Lab Loves Sliding In The Snow

This dog looks like he is having the time of his life. I love how he just suddenly drops and slides.

Heck, I think I would even do this for fun.


Cute Black Lab loves the snonw


Dog loves to slide in the snow


Adorable black lab slides in the snow


Puppies That Hate Water Bottles

These water bottles better be very afraid because these Puppies aren’t about to take it easy on them.

Watch and enjoy these Puppies going up against¬† – water bottles…



Puppies that seriously hate water bottles

Samoyed Puppy To Dog – Before And After

I think it’s really cute how the dog is equally proportional to the guy’s size in both pictures.

That is definitely a hug-able dog!


samoyed puppy and baby


samoyed dog and man


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