Samoyed Puppy To Dog – Before And After

I think it’s really cute how the dog is equally proportional to the guy’s size in both pictures.

That is definitely a hug-able dog!


samoyed puppy and baby


samoyed dog and man


Kitten Waits For His Blanket In The Washer

The picture says it all. Just like humans, kittens can have favorite blankets too!


Adorable kitten watches blanket in the washer


A Very Fluffy N’ Cute Baby Skunk

It’s hard to believe how cute baby Skunks are. This little guy look like he’s super soft!

Fun Fact:  Mother Skunks will give birth once a year in May and can have  anywhere from 2 Р10 babies. The babies typically follow the mother around until July-August and then branch off.


Tiny little baby Skunk


Cat Doesn’t Want To Be Left At Home

You PROMISE you’re not going to leave me at home!?


Poor kitty doesn't want to be left alone


Adorable Puppy Hangin’ With His Dad

He’s just loungin’ on his dad and it doesn’t look like he minds at all.


Adorable dog hanging out with his dad


Crazy Cats

Have you ever walked in a room and wondered what the heck your cats were doing?

I think the owner of these cats probably would love to know…


Hilarious crazy cats

Meet Zoey and Jasper, A Rescue Dog And Her Cute Baby Brother

Meet Jasper, a 10-month-old baby and his cute accomplice Zoey, a 7-year-old rescue dog. Zoey and Jasper are from Los Angeles.

Who’s behind all these adorable pictures you ask? Their mother Grace Chon, a talented photographer who sure knows how to take cute photos!

Grace has always dressed up her dog in silly costumes and so when she had her son Jasper, she naturally dressed him up too.
One day it clicked, why not dresses them up together in matching costumes and outfits.

If you want to see more of Jasper and Zoey you can check out their Tumblr page.


Jasper and zoey photoshoot

Dogs With Butterflies

The dog’s reaction in the third picture makes me laugh every time.

Here are 3 dogs who had close encounters with beautiful Butterflies.


Butterfly lands on dog


Butterfly and Puppy


Butterfly on a dog


Horse Comforts Sick Owner

This terminally ill woman requested to be reunited with her Horse one last time.

The comfort we get from our animals is invaluable. This photo makes me want to hug my fur babies.

We create bonds with our pets that are almost therapeutic to us.


Horse comforts dying owner


Baby Otter That Was Rescued Gets A New Home

This adorable 5-week-old Otter pup was orphaned on a beach in California. It has been relocated to Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium where it seems to be doing just fine.

There is no denying this baby Otter is irresistibly cute, I mean, just listen to the noises it’s makes!


Rescued baby Otter

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