Kitten’s Favorite Blanket Is In The Wash

This is what happens when a kitten’s favorite blanket gets put in the wash. She’s just been sitting here for the past 10 minutes.




Shakes, The Courageous Kitten

This is Shakes, she suffers from Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia. A neurological condition that causes her to have constant tremors. Unfortunately, it is a life long condition but it doesn’t seem to be slowing Shakes down. She perseveres through her condition and lives just like any other adorable, curious, adventurous, cat would. Shakes will steal your heart.

Kitten Tucked In And Ready For Bed

“Can you pwease read me a bedtime story, mom?”


Why Did You Let It Touch Me!?

Really!? Why didn’t you stop him! UGH!


This Pig Means Business

This piglet is all dressed up and ready for an interview. Something tells me he is going to get hired. C’mon how could you not hire him!?


Happy Puppy In Snow

This picture was taken at the perfect moment. He looks stoked on life.


These Puppies Don’t Mess Around

I know you all probably think this is a fashion statement ( lol ) but this is how professional puppies eat their food.


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