This Dog Isn’t Guilty At All…

There is a good chance you have seen this if you have a dog.



Kitty Loves The Christmas Tree

Oh, you’re home early…



Cats = No Privacy

When you have cats you loose your privacy…



Lazy Reindeer

This is the laziest reindeer you will ever meet.



Personal Trainer Cat

C’mon human, you can do this!



Puppy Sleeping On Baby

Who needs a pillow when you have your brother..?



Jolly Bunny Slippers



These adorable floppy-eared slippers can make you forget about cold feet.
They are cute, comfortable and unbelievably warm. The Jolly Bunny slippers
were designed by a young Ukrainian couple and now their project is being
displayed on Kickstarter. Check it out: >here<

Once you watch this video you will love the idea! A pair of Jolly Bunny
slippers can become a perfect present for your friends and family. They
come in different colors and sizes. They are made of fleece – it is a good
alternative to wool which is very important for those who are allergic or
sensitive to it – and machine washable.

You can get a pair of these lovely slippers with a discount on Kickstarter
and help these people fund their project.
Get a pair of Jolly Bunnies for your snuggle bunnies!





Kitten Afraid Of The Finger Flick

When you’re a tiny kitten even the smallest things can scare the bejeebers out of you.



When Your Cat Tries To Attack Their Tail…

This cat has gone full crazy mode.





Baby Olinguito

This is a baby Olinguito. The Olinguito is a newly discovered mammal found in Colombia and Ecuador.

What you should remember about the Olinguito; the babies are unbelievably adorable.



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