9 Adorable Puppies Learning To Howl

Howling is often used as a means of communication for dogs. By howling, dogs are able to get a rough idea as to where their pack members are located.

It is very helpful for a puppy to be able to howl because puppies tend to roam free and without their cute, high pitched howls, it would make it alot more difficult for them to be located.

Being that dogs are much more domesticated than many years ago, I believe the howl is now used to melt their owners hearts.


Cute puppies learning to howl


Two Cuties Dressed As Bunnies

Something about this baby’s face makes me think these two adorable “bunnies” are up to something.

Whatever it may be, they both look like cute little  bunnies to me!


A Cute baby and dog dressed as a bunny


10 Cat Circles That Worked

Cat circles are when you create a circle out of tape, string, etc, and your cat goes and sits in it.
Naturally, cats show interest in sitting in the circles for some strange reason.

If you build the circle, the kitties will come.


Cat in a cat circle

Puppy’s Head Is Too Heavy

The poor little thing, his head is too heavy for his body.


Adorable puppy eating


The Pug Life

This pug just threw a stick and is now waiting for his owner to bring it back because he’s cool like that.


Cute pug dressed in a hoodie


15 Cute Kitten Gifs That Will Make You Smile

We already know that cats rule the internet but kittens however, they have a way with melting our hearts while ruling the internet at the same time.

Here are 15 GIFS of kittens doing adorable kitten things that will make smirk.


1)The pancake monster.

Pancake KittenFunny kitten loves pancakes


Bunny And An Imposter

Bunny: “Quit laughing, he looks nothing like me.”


A bunny and a bunny pumpkin


A Hedgehog Shark

Did you know…
Most sharks that you see in the wild are actually Hedgehogs dressed as sharks.



A Rare Hedgehog Shark


A tiny hedgehog shark


Adorable Puppy To Brighten Your Day

Here is a fluffy and cuddly ball of cuteness to brighten your day.
Cute puppy
Adorable Puppy




Turtle Busts A Move While In The Shower

Have you ever been so happy about showering that you started doing a wiggle dance? This turtle has. It appears that he absolutely LOVES bath time.

I think some of our latest pop starts should take a lesson.


Happy turtle does a wiggle dance in the shower


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