Thor The Hedgehog

Honestly, this may be the cutest Thor you will see this Halloween. Look at that tiny little cape!


Hedgehog dressed as Thor


Wiener Dog Swimming In Mid Air

Should we tell him he’s not in water anymore?
Nah, this is too cute.


Wiener Dog Swimming In Air


Cat Logic – This Couldn’t Be More Accurate

It’s actually hilarious how accurate these are. Cats do have their own set of logic and the truth is, their logic is what makes them great pets and establishes their little personalities.


Cats love boxes

Cat Helps Owner Do Push Ups

C’mon human, you can do it, you can do it!

1 and 2 and 3 and 4.



Cat helping owner do push ups


15 Adorable Dog Halloween Costumes

I would like to give the owners of these dogs a high five.
Each one of these Halloween costumes are a win.


An iPug


Can You Spot The Smarter Dog?

That poor dog is probably like “Dude, what are you even barking at, there’s nothing there…”

Which dog is smarter than the other. Source

Wudan Cuddles With Her Brother

Wudan the German Shepherd  is literally double her brother’s size but she still finds comfort in sleep on his back.

Now that’s adorable.


Wudan the German Shepherd snuggles with her brother


The Only Photo Shoot You Will Ever Need To See

The level of awesomeness is way too high on this one.

They sit there proud, with their helmets, ready for whatever  the world throws at them.


The prep work for the fruit hats




Dog with fruit hat


Cat with fruit hat


Hilarious fruit pet hats


Giant Panda At The Toronto Zoo Gets Frightened By A Squirrel

This Giant Panda is just pondering life when all the sudden he gets ninja kicked by a Squirrel…


Panda gets surprised by squirrel



Kitten Is Dressed For Fall

This kitten is ready for fall. Are you?


Adorable kitten in a sweater


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